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Hello everyone, welcome to Women Buddha, a resource website to achieve optimum health for women and families.

I am Dr. Pooja Saini, an Ayurvedic Physician and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in Melbourne, Australia. I have spent several years in Ayurvedic practice for treating women health problems. In every consultation, I have noticed, there are several things to share with each woman for improving her health and achieving her health goals. I have observed we all mistakenly are getting influenced by high price tag and fancy packaging of personal care products and disregard the hidden harmful side effects.  Moreover, our dietary habits also need some attention and may require some fine tuning.

Secondly, our body has a unique anatomy and require a special care internally and externally. As much as looking after our inner body is the key to optimal health, nurturing our external beauty including hair and skin matters too!

We have different needs during puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. We are in this fast pacing modern era, where the world has started to forget the ancient but very powerful feminine health secrets, that have worked for centuries. They require more efforts to discover. Many secrets are hidden in ancient science of life called Ayurveda.

In this website, we try to explore the ancient wisdom for women health promotion. Moreover, we also provide step-by-step guides to achieve major health goals and tips for healthier living.

About Women Buddha

You may think the word Buddha in “womenbuddha” has come from the founder of Buddhism “Gautam Buddha”, but here I chose the word Buddha for its real meaning. Buddha means the person who has attained Buddhi and Buddhi means wisdom, an ideal state of intellectual and ethical perfection. When Siddhartha Gautam achieved enlightenment, through intense mediation, he was given the title of Buddha.

One of my favourite quotes from Gautam Buddha that resonate with our women oriented website is:

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” –Buddha

This website will increase wisdom and knowledge about women health and other aspects that appear in every phase of life. We will try to make it an online valuable resource for women wellness and provide important tips for healthier life and hair care, skin care, wellness, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause including DIY beauty products. You will be amazed to discover that most of the products that my website talks about are already  available in your pantry, you just need to use them with Buddhi!!

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