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Karna Purana Benefits, Procedure & Precautions

by Pooja Saini
Karna Purana

The human body has five major senses which are related to five major elements namely ether, air, water, fire and earth. These five senses play a great role in the survival of a person. Life would have been different without the senses.  Therefore, special care should be taken when it comes to your sense organs.

There are many therapies in ancient ayurvedic medicine system which ensure proper care of these senses. Ayurvedic system gives special preference to panchakarma detoxification and cleansing of the body and its various parts. Thus, there are a variety of therapies which help in cleaning our sense organs and maintain their efficiency.

What is Karna Purana?

Our ears are directly affected by air and winds therefore, the Vata easily settles there. Moreover, dry winds, urban lifestyle and other noise pollutants cause severe stress on our ears with leads to uneasiness and sometimes loss of hearing. In Ayurveda, we have a therapy called Karna Purana which is specially undertaken for the ear region.

Karna Purana is an ayurvedic therapy in which medicated oil or ghee is administered into the ear cavity of a person. This therapy focusses on the health of the outer ear, inner ear and the ear drum area. These oils provide nourishment to the internal part of the ear and improve hearing quality.  It is very effective in cases of Vata imbalances which are related to hearing.

The procedure of Karna Purana

The procedure of the therapy is very simple yet very effective. First, the patient is given a head massage prior to the main treatment, which lasts from 15 to 30 mins. The head massage is done in order to open any blockages in the head and forehead region. This ensures efficient absorption and passage of nutrients to the brain region. The most commonly used oil for head massage is Brahmi oil.

After the head massage, the patient is made to lie in the side-ways parallel position (lateral position). The medicated oil is first poured into one ear using a cotton ball dipped in oil or simply a dropper. The patient is said to rest in the same position for 15 to 20 mins. The patient is then made to lie in the opposite position so that the oil drizzles out of the ear. The same process is repeated for the other ear.

After the completion of the therapy, the patient is given a light and slow massage on the outer ear region. It takes almost 2 hours to carry out this therapy. The amount of oil to be administered depends upon the needs of the patient but generally, 2 to 15 drops are preferred. The procedure should be conducted continuously for a week for desired and effective results. The therapy can also be undertaken in every six months to avoid the risk of ear infections.

After the procedure, steam should also be given to the upper parts of the body including face, head and neck. Commonly, a cotton towel dipped in hot water serves the purpose.

Due to the availability of oils for Karna Purana in the market, some people also do it at home. But this can be risky because correct ear examination is required by the ayurvedic practitioner. So, you should get an ayurvedic consultation before trying this therapy at home. If you want to undergo a full-fledged procedure, then it is always advised to get it done from a trained professional only. Our ears are very sensitive as they include complex filaments therefore, no compromise should be done while dealing with them.

Medicated Oils used for Karna Purana

Karna Purana Oils

Your doctor may recommend any of the following medicated oils for Karna Purana:

Nirgundi Oil

Nirgundi oil is often used in ear wax related problems like excessive earwax, ear wax blockages. Other problems include ear congestion, ear infections, discharge of pus from ears and swimmer’s ear.

Bilva Oil

Bilva oil is used in cases of hearing loss, ear pain and tinnitus or tickling in the ear.

Badhiriya Nashak Oil

Badhiriya Nashak oil is helpful in cases of ear blockages and excessive earwax, hearing loss, ear congestions and Meniere’s disease.

Kshara Oil

This oil is used mostly ear infections especially with water and pus discharge. This oil is also used in cases of ear worms and otitis media.

Karna Bindu Oil

It is used in ear wax related problems and removal of ear wax.

Benefits of Karna Purana

Karna purana is very beneficial for ears and can be undertaken for curing several ear problems. The oils used for this therapy help in strengthening and nourishing all parts of the ear. When undertaken for a regular period, it may help in improving the hearing quality and reduce the risk of ear infections. Following are the benefits of Karna purana:

Hearing Loss

Ear Pain and Hearing Loss

Karna Purana therapy is very effective in curing ear pains and inflammations because the oils used in this therapy have medicinal properties. The problem of tinnitus or tickling in the ears is quite common, can also be cured by this therapy.

It also reduces the effects of noise pollution and cell phone fatigue which are very common nowadays. In some cases of temporary hearing loss, this therapy has helped in regaining the sense of hearing. It helps in enhancing hearing quality but might not be helpful in case of permanent loss of hearing.

Ear Infections

Ear infections can be caused due to many reasons like- pollution, not maintaining proper hygiene, bacterial growth and excessive discharge of ear wax. In rare cases, ear infections may also give rise to the discharge of pus and water from the ears. Karna purana is carried out using a variety of medicated oils which have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This therapy is very effective in cases of ear infections. Undertaking this therapy in every 6 months helps in reducing the risks of any such ear infections.

Ear Blockages

Oil makes skin greasy and thus helps in avoiding the settling of small particles blown by the wind into the ear cavity. One of the most common reasons for ear blockages is ear wax formation which blocks the outer areas of the ears. This therapy also helps in clearing blocked ear passage.

The oils used in Karna purana provide nourishment to the acoustic nerves and all inner parts of the ear namely:

  1. the outer ear,
  2. eardrum,
  3. middle ear and
  4. the inner ear.

Thus, it ensures better quality hearing and efficient passage of signals from the ears to the brain.

Anxiety and Depression

Dizziness, depression, stress, anxiety are signs of emotional imbalances. These imbalances can be caused due to many reasons as life today has become very hectic. This therapy does not only benefit for ear problems but also stress-related problems. It helps in calming down the mind and reduces stress acting on vata dosha.

Migraines and Jaw and Neck Pains

Our ears are connected and inter-related to multiple organs and other senses. Thus, Karna purana indirectly helps in curing problems related to other organs. It may prove to be good for pains like migraines, neck pains, headaches, jaw tensions and insomnia.

Nervous Weakness

However, Nasya Therapy has better results in case of nervous weakness. But karna purana can also be used. The nerves of the ears are directly connected to our brain. Therefore, the oils used for this therapy provide direct nourishment to the brain through those nerves.

Karna purana helps in clearing any type of ear blockage which makes it easier for the brain to receive signals hence, making it more efficient. This ayurvedic therapy not only enhances listening function but also calms down the mind and reduces stress.

Necessary Precautions

There are a few things people should keep in mind before undergoing this therapy. Following are some precautions to avoid any kind of side effects:

  • Some patients may experience itching or discomfort in the ear after the therapy, which is completely normal and will stop after some time.
  • Ear infections may occur after the therapy if the oil used in the therapy is not preserved and sterilized properly. Therefore, special care should be taken regarding the purity and sterilization of oils used in the therapy.
  • This therapy although very effective in some ear problems but should not be used in cases of eardrum rupture and other types of ear damage.
  • This therapy should also not be undertaken in cases of cuts and wounds in the skin of ear and burns affecting the ear.
  • The process must be conducted by ayurvedic professional as it deals with the delicate areas of the ear canal.
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